Coldcard MK3

by Coinkite

Recommended Device

Setup Instructions

1. Verify bag number

Coldcard does a great job of making sure your device hasn't been tampered with. Make sure that the serial number on the bag your Coldcard came in matches the serial number on the platstic inside the bag and that the bag hasn't been tampered with before beginning.

Verify Coldcard bag serial number

2. Choose PIN Code

When you plug your Coldcard in initially, it will ask you to provide a PIN code. Enter first part of your PIN code, write down the two anti-phishing code words, then enter in the second part of your PIN code.

3. Select "New Wallet"

There is also an option to restore a previously setup wallet.

4. Write down 24 words

Write down the 24 word seed phrase displayed on the device with the paper provided. It will verify you wrote them down correctly after writing them down.

Adding Coldcard to Multisig Vault via Airgap

1. Insert MicroSD Card

Insert a MicroSD card into the slot on the Coldcard.

Insert MicroSD card into Coldcard

2. Export XPub

Using the keypad, navigate to Settings > Multisig Wallets > Export XPub. This will save a .json file to the SD card.

Insert MicroSD card into Coldcard

3. Eject MicroSD Card from Coldcard, Plug MicroSD into Computer

Once the file is saved, you can eject the MicroSD card from your Coldcard and plug it into your computer. This may require an adaptor.

4. Click "Import From File" in menu

When creating a new account, click the menu to reveal the Import from File option.

Insert MicroSD card into Coldcard

5. Select the file created by Coldcard

The file will end in .json and start with ccxp- followed by some numbers.

Lily Wallet add Coldcard Airgap file dialog

6. Success

Your Coldcard should be successfully imported

Successfully imported Colcard to Lily Wallet

Steps for setting up a multisig vault are detailed in our Get Started guide

View setup multisig guide