Sending Bitcoin

In order to send money with Lily, you will need your devices. For a single hardware wallet account, you will only need that particular hardware wallet to approve a transaction. For multisig vaults, you will need access to the required number of devices you specified when creating your vault.

1) Provide address and amount to send then click "Preview Transaction"

Input the bitcoin address and amount you want to send in the transaction form. This will construct a new bitcoin transaction for approval.

Lily Wallet Send Bitcoin Form

2) Review the transaction information

After constructing the transaction, double check that the address and amount are correct. Optionally, you can adjust the fee and verify the inputs and outputs from the "..." menu.

Verify address and amount information

3) Click the device you want to approve transaction with.

After reviewing the address and amount, connect your device to your computer in order to approve the transaction. If the device is already connected and unlocked, it should appear on the right-hand side. If not, you may scan for it again by clicking "Scan for Devices."

Depending on if you are spending from a multisignature vault or regular hardware wallet account, you may require approvals from multiple devices.

More secure setups will approve transactions using an offline device

Learn more about airgapped approvals

Click device to approve transaction

4) Click "Broadcast Transaction"

After the required number of devices have approved the transaction, the Broadcast Transaction button should become active and allow the transaction to be broadcast. This will publish it to the Bitcoin network where it will be confirmed. This operation is perminent and cannot be reversed.

Broadcast transaction